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BN Standard Ruling Pen


Ruling Pen

The Handwritmic Ruling pen derives its name from the world famous calligrapher and text artist, Brody Neuenschwander

This ruling pen is designed by Handwritmic and Brody Neuenschwander has lent his name to it. He describes it as “Magnificent! Fabulous! What a joy to write with! It makes the most beautiful splatters, feels good in the hand, is a lovely object to see”.

This pen has an original asymmetrical shape, that breaks away from the well-known classical ruling pen, also named “ruling writer”.

A ruling pen for calligraphy was used in the 1950s by Gottfried Pott in Germany.  Handwritmic improved this kind of pen with a new design and
materials (this pen is not made of brass but
old Swedish stainless steel).

The result is a new calligraphy and drawing instrument with four functions: you can write bold, medium and thin strokes and you can trace and rule lines of different thicknesses holding the pen vertically.

※現在、本商品はSOLD OUTとなり、次回入荷予定は未定です。

How to use it

 The edges make marks of two different widths.

A thin line is made with the pen held more upright, with only the point touching the paper.

With the full width of the two edges of the pen touching the paper the arm can be moved in any direction to make strokes of equal width as in Neuland.

Alternatively, in order to obtain intermediate strokes the angle of incidence of pen to paper can be changed (together with arm movements) . 


Fine Line

With the point (the pen is held more upright).


Intermediate Strokes

With the smaller edge.


Maximum Strokes

With the wider edge.



The pen can produce many lines from 0.5 to 2 mm.


Made in Italy

This pen is the product of craftsmanship and very advanced industrial technique.
Each pen is finished by hand for the smoothest writing edge.


Fine Materials

Made of swedish stainless steel.
With matt black handle made of hardwood.
The paint is natural; no epoxy resin is used.


Package design

With package designed by Chiara Riva.

With the detailed instructions.

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