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Manga Liner


Elastic Plastic Tip

This durable and elastic tip can express various kinds of lines, depending on the pressure.

Can be used for illustration, calligraphy or lettering and much more.


Water based pigment

After ink gets dry, it can be water-resistant. 

Leather, glass, stones or wood can be written on as well as paper.


9 colors

White, black, gold, silver, copper, ruby, emerald, amethyst and sapphire are available.

​・Quick drying.

・Can be applied to various surfaces, such as glass, leather, plastic, wood and more. 

​・Inks develop colors well and dry quickly.


​・Depending on pressure, the width can vary from 0.7 mm to 2.0mm. 

​・Made in Japan

​・Water based pigment

​・High Opaque






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