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Calligraphy Sun


3.0 mm calligraphy 

For beginners to experienced calligraphers, we adopted the 3.0 mm calligraphy nibs.

A replaceable spare nib originally comes with.


Water based pigment

After ink gets dry, it can become water-resistant. 

Resin, leather, glass, stones or wood can be written on as well as paper.


4 colors set × 2 var.

2 variations of 4 colors set are available. 

4VA ... White, Black, Silver, Copper

4VB... Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby

​・Quick drying.

・Can be applied to various surfaces, such as glass, leather, plastic, wood and more. 

​・Inks develop colors well and dry quickly.

​・3.0 mm tip is useful for beginners to experienced calligraphers.

​・AP (Approved Product) by ACMI.

​・Made in Japan

​・Water based pigment

​・High Opaque



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