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    Masking Calligraphy
    Masking Liner


Our "Masking Liner" will be on a magazine by KADOKAWA;  


​・Easy to control the quantity of masking fluid as it is inside pens.

​・Masking fluid is gray and made from latex so that you could see the written areas.

​・ 2 nibs are available ; Calligraphy (3mm) or Liner (0.7 mm to 2.0 mm) . 

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​・Masking fluid is quick drying so make sure to leave for  2-5 mins. 

​・After masking fluid is completely dry, paint over with paint.

WARNING: Contains: NATURAL RUBBER LATEX, Not for use by children

​・After the paint gets dry, remove dried masking fluid with fingers or an eraser.

​・The tip is not firmly set. When it comes out, you could gently push it back until it is set.

​※Store a pen horizontally or tip downward.

​※Out of the reach of children.

​※Do not leave below the freezing point.

​・Very unique pen with our original masking fluid


​・Low odor

How to use our "Masking Pens" 

(Please double click for the details.)


Q:Which kind of papers go well with your Masking Calligraphy and Masking Liner?
A:Work well on bristol paper, cotton paper, watercolor paper, yupo(synthetic) paper.
not suitable on thin paper, rough-surface-paper and copy paper.

Q:Any tips for better masking finish? 
​●A-1:Choose a good paper. 
As mentioned above, thin or rough-surface-paper isn't suitable.
●A-2:Patiently dry well. 

You have to dry twice; therefore ①After drawing with masking pens ②After coloring, and you need to dry well both of times.
●A-3:​Peeling dry masking liquid

After the color gets dry, remove the dried rubbery masking fluid with a clean finger or an eraser.

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