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   Oblique Pen Holder

By Barbara Calzolari,
italian master penman. Barbaracalzolari 

About Handwritmic

By Handwritmic from Intaly

Handwritmic is based in Province of Biella near Milan, the north of Italy and produces versatile new tools for expressing calligraphers' mood with endless styles of letterforms. 

Their mission is  to design and create beautiful tools for the calligrapher of the 21st century. 

All the components of their products are made in Italy using the techniques of the best Italian jewellers and wood turners.


By Barbara Calzolari,
italian master penman. Barbaracalzolari 


Pen Holder

This pen holder has a new brass flange very nicely finished (now gold plated 24KT) and adapted for the Nikko G nib.

This penholder, with its adjustable brass flange, is suitable for the Spencerian and Copperplate hand.


With Nikko G nib

The Nikko G nib fits perfectly in the flange and you don’t have to make any adjustment.

Nibs that are compatible without adjustments are: Zebra G, Zebra G hard, Zebra G titanium.


Comfortable Body

With its ergonomic and comfortable shape, this penholder is not coated with epoxy resin but with a natural transparent paint. 

The stains can be washed immediately.

※Variations may occur due to the use of natural materials.

​・Two types : Cherry Wood and Olive Wood

Both are hard woods and they functionally work really well.

The differences lead to the appearance of body of pen holders. 

​・Lovingly used by Barbara Calzolari.

Calligraphy with Handwritmic’s oblique penholder is by Barbara Calzolari,
Italian master penman. See video and photo on top.

Go to her Instagram : Barbaracalzolari

​・Compatibility with Nibs

​■Without adjustment:  Zebra G, Zebra G hard, Zebra G titanium

​■With         adjustment:  Hunt 


Can be used with smaller nib, like "Hunt" or "Gillot" nibs. (but you'll have to 

pinch the horizontal piece of the flange with pliers to secure the nib in position.) Pinch here * .

You must know that these may not reach the centre of the penholder.

​・Made in Italy

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