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Water Paint Brush 3V set

​ Flat      / 10mm  

For coloring corners or stencil​ techniques. 

​・Paint Brush 3V set

​ Round/ 15mm 

For shading colors, blurring and coloring as holding much water and ink.

​ Large / 18mm

Ideal for big areas, carrying sufficient water.

Extra Fine Brush 3V set

​ Extra Fine S/ 10mm 

Well-balanced tip that produces delicate and bold lines.

​ Extra Fine M/ 12mm

Easy to control to write, draw and paint.

​ Extra Fine L / 16mm

Best for finest lines and pointillism. 

※The tips of Extra Fine M and Extra Fine/ Menso is exactly the same.

・ Can be disassembled, washable and reusable.

​・ Prevents liquid leaking and splashing.

​・ Polyester brushes are resistant to mold, acid and alkali.

​・ For use with water-based paint, ink, alcohol-based disinfectant etc.

​・ Best result with low to medium viscosity liquids.

Please go to Water Paint Brush (single unit)  from here.

​Background of products

There are two reasons why we paid attention to artificial polyester nibs.

The biggest reason is the significant deduction of weasel hair. 

This may be caused by the ban on terrestrial wild life trade by Chinese government.

Image by Kevin Jansen

​It is an image.

Also we realised a lot of people seek for substitution for animal-based materials.

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