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 Moonless Night Ink

・ Super black and matte ink, using carbon (acrylic acid resin type), for drawing, calligraphy, illustration and Manga.

​・Ultimate deep-black with super high-opaque.

​・People recognize reflecting light as "color", whereas  Moonless Night Ink absorbs the light and prevents reflection.

​ Therefore, it appears ultimately super matte black to human eyes. 

​・ Dilute ink liquid 10 to 50 times with water, and it blurs like antique traditional ink stick does.

​・Depending on paper types, the ink profoundly changes.  

​・ For preventing getting moldy, don't put back the ink you took out.

​・ Carbon

​・ Highly opaque

​・ Acrylic acid resin type


・Moonless night ink may blur when alcohol-contained ink is used.  

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